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Here at RipeLime we have a number of professional Marketing Consultants who have many years experience providing Marketing Strategy and Plans to businesses of all sizes.

What is a Marketing Strategy?

A Marketing Strategy is the direction to be followed in order to accomplish a specific business objective. It represents the “road map” to achieving greater results, such as sales growth, brand recognition, higher market penetration, etc.

The Benefits for Your Business

Many business owners fail to see the benefits of incorporating a Marketing strategy in the overall strategic business process. A well-crafted strategic plan:

  • provides the business with focus and direction by identifying the best opportunities worth pursuing as well as the threats to be avoided
  • identifies the tools that the company can effectively use to fight competition and gain market share
  • saves company time and money by focusing the resources on attracting the right employees and investing only on marketing initiatives that support the overall business objectives
  • differentiates a company from competition by identifying the distinctive advantage and the supporting elements
  • translates the company vision, mission, objectives, into effective initiatives
  • serves as foundation for all your communication campaigns
  • improves the effectiveness of the message to customers and partners
  • increases sales and profits
  • creates consumer preference for the brand

Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Plan

These two concepts create a fair amount of confusion among marketers and business executives. Below are some important differences between the two:

Marketing Strategy

  • a collection of medium to long term methods for achieving the company’s objectives.
  • will not change yearly, but only when a major change occurs that affects the business as a whole: the raise of a new strong competitor, implementation of new legislation that greatly impacts the business, a sudden change in consumer needs.
  • supports business objectives
  • generic, with loosely defined budgets and deadlines

Marketing Plan

  • a list of initiatives to be implemented in the short term (usually within one year).
  • changes yearly based on competitive actions and short term opportunities and threats
  • supports marketing strategy
  • the “to do list” that includes well-defined responsibilities, budgets and deadlines.

An effective Marketing strategy is realistic, easy to understand and practical to implement. It also makes communication initiatives easier to develop. In the next articles I will list the major topics to be addressed by an effective strategic document, as well as a well-written Marketing plan.

So, How can Ripe Lime help?

Firstly we have professional marketing consultants that have more than 14 years experience in the marketing industry helping businesses of all sizes such as 1 man sole traders, multi-location country specific businesses through to global multi billion pound organisations. Our experts are able to go into any business, understand the needs of the business, the demographics they are targeting as well as specific product/service related pitfalls and issues in order to design a robust marketing plan and strategy that we will help implement every step of the way.

We have huge successes in designing a marketing strategy that really does work and have taken businesses from a period of failure to revenue growth in just one year, in some cases increasing the profits 10 fold very quickly.

How do we do it?

Our team of marketing consultants will meet with you or your board whether that be in person or over the phone. They will take you through a thorough business review which will help them understand your needs and wants for the next few years. Once they understand the issues you face and the business you want they can then design a robust plan that will include business goals, marketing opportunities including brand awareness campaigns.

How much does it all cost?

The costs do really depend upon the size of the task at hand. Our experts charge on average £100 for an initial 1hr marketing consultation at which point we will look at the time that will be required each week and a detailed invoice and strategy will be offered to you for consideration. Costs however are dependent on a number of factors such as if this is the only service you require from us as you already may have a website and marketing plan in place. Alternatively if you are making use of our Website Design packages then the marketing and SEO services will be included as part of your service and package.

For further information and to speak to one of our professional marketing consultants please contact a member of staff today or fill in the form below.


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I had a meeting with the guys at RipeLime and from the first meeting I knew they were professional but more importantly knew their stuff. I worked with them on a 6 month, 12 month and 5 year plan/strategy and so far not only have my expectations been met but some months exceeded which is a positive change

Scott Stokes, JRS, Birmingham

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