The very definition is “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”. Without marketing your business effectively and with the right set of mediums no matter how good your business, service or product is, it will never be found by potential clients and customers. This is where Ripe Lime come in and help to facilitate you being found wherever a potential customer is looking for a product or service you are offering.

Search Engine Optimisation

All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results (organic search results), where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

As these results are non paid for and given based on a complex algorithm of around 200 factors, Search Engine Optimisation can be a very complex and costly game to play. Our team of Google accredited experts, with over 30 years combined SEO experience on a global level, not only provide SEO campaigns that work but ones that are affordable and realistic with a proven and effect SEO strategy.

Even though we prefer to build your website and then include the on and off page SEO, we understand this can not always be the case. We therefore offer this as a stand alone service. In order to check how well your website is currently set up we run a series of reports on your website to see where it is doing well and not so well and then design you an effect SEO strategy that fits within your budget.

Although no one can guarantee a position within the organic results, Ripe Lime can boast over 94% success in achieving requested results for our clients, helping them get within the top 5 on the first page of Google and other search engines.

If you don’t have a website and are having one built through Ripe Lime then we will take care of all of this for you from the design through to the SEO. If you are interested in a full web design and SEO service please visit our Website Design page.

For further information on our search engine optimisation services please visit our SEO Page or alternatively get in touch with a member of staff to discuss your companies requirements in more detail.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising such as Google Adwords or Bing Ads etc. This usually guarantees, to a certain extent, your presence right at the top of the search results on search engines such as Google.

Many businesses however will testify to how difficult it can be to set up an effective campaign that generates the right number of quality click-thrus for the right price. As with anything there are thousands of companies on the market who will set up and run campaigns for companies with little to no knowledge of how to set these campaigns up.

By working with Ripe Lime and our Google Accredited Professionals you can be safe in the knowledge they not only know how to get you at the top of the search engines effectively, but do so at the lowest cost possible providing you with high returns on your investment with a moral commitment to giving you the very best service.

Within the managed PPC Service we offer there are management fees however Ripe Lime can boast some of the lowest fees on the marketing with some of the best results. Why not find out more information by visiting our Search Marketing and PPC page or alternatively contact a member of staff for further information.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing and Management Text Here

Google Adwords

With Google being the number one search engine in the world with over 92% of the search engine market share, it’s more important than ever to include the Google Adwords system and search page as part of your advertising plan.

As explained above Ripe Lime is a Google Partner and its staff are Google Accredited meaning we are in the best position to help you get the most out of your campaigns by researching, designing and managing your PPC Campaign through Google.

For more information please visit our Google Adwords page or alternatively get in touch with a member of staff to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Marketing Strategy

As part of your business whether that be new or old, having a clear goal and strategy to follow is important. This is where we will either provide an over the phone assessment or face to face review of your goals and needs and design the right marketing strategy to help you succeed. Our team have over 40 years’ experience in this realm so again are well placed to help you not only succeed but succeed well!

For further information please visit our Marketing Strategy page or alternatively call one of our members of staff to discuss your requirements or fill in our contact form.

As a bit of a technophobe, Ripe Lime made starting a website easy for me, more than meeting all my expectations and delivering a site i’m proud to put my name to. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Mikey Burrows: Radio presenter, Producer and Commentator